Here’s a little Bonus!

Because we so much appreciate your business, here’s a little bonus,

If you order a Program Bundle after ordering any Try Me Kit, you will get a coupon for half the value of the Kit.

Example: If your Try Me Kit cost 60.00, you will get 30.00 off the already discounted Program Bundle of the same products of the Try Me Kit.

There is no limit to how many Try Me Kits you can apply to this, but there is only 1 coupon for each Try Me Kit.,

Example: If you order One Anti-Aging Try Me Kit and One Acne Kit, you could get a coupon for each Try Me Kit because they are different Kits. But if you ordered two Anti-Aging Try Me Kits or two Acne Kits you would still only get 1 coupon for a Program Bundle of same Try Me Kit.